We support PEPPOL! (AP / SMP)

PEPPOL stands for Pan European Public Procurement Online. PEPPOL is a set of artifacts and technical specifications enabling cross-border eProcurement within the EU. The use of PEPPOL is governed by OpenPEPPOL with the intent of making existing eProcurement solutions and eBusiness exchange services interoperable between disparate systems across Europe.

PEPPOL Access Points inter-operate to create the PEPPOL network. PEPPOL access points connect users to the PEPPOL network and exchange electronic documents based on the PEPPOL specifications. Buyers and suppliers are free to choose their preferred single Access Point provider to connect to all PEPPOL participants already on the network.

Crediflow is a Certified PEPPOL Access Point (AP) Provider and SMP (Service Metadata Publisher). Once enabled, you can send and receive PEPPOL documents with your business partners who require PEPPOL, including any European government entities.