OptoSweden acquires Crediflow

Corporate merger supplies OptoSweden with complete solution for e-billing

OptoSweden, the leading brokerage house in advanced interpretation solutions for input management, purchasing e-invoicing company Crediflow. The acquisition is part of OptoSwedens strategy to offer cloud services within electronic invoice and document. Together Now Crediflow OptoSweden a truly complete solution for both new and existing customers and partners.

OptoSweden has in recent years changed its focus from selling traditional installed products and solutions to offer cloud services.

– The acquisition of Crediflow we are well prepared to face a future with fully electronic processing of invoices and documents. With Crediflows solutions for e-invoicing, utprint and betalningsbevakningar we go into a rapidly growing market. Customers never need to turn to different providers to manage both paper-based and electronic information, says Niklas Lundberg, CEO of OptoSweden.

Helsingborg-based Crediflow, founded in 2007, offers solutions based on the customer’s business process simplifies the exchange of electronic documents and makes them available to everyone. The company’s founder Thomas Angskog will continue to work within OptoSweden as CEO of the subsidiary Crediflow.

OptoSweden and Crediflow see many synergies with the merger, such as the streamlining of management, marketing and finance, as well as a rapidly growing market for both companies.

– The merger is a way to future-proof it as we Crediflow has built up. Together we will be bigger and more powerful, so we complement each other in terms of products, including OptoSwedens solutions for incoming invoices and our outgoing. It allows both additional sales at our respective customers to make it easier to attract new customers, says Thomas Angskog, president of Crediflow.

About Crediflow
With a focus on the customer’s business process simplifies Crediflow exchange of electronic documents and makes it available to everyone. Our adaptable and scalable solutions include best practices in finance, logistics and IT. It is a central part of our company policy to provide the best possible service, the right skills for your needs and to respond flexibly and efficiently. There is an important reason why so many customers have chosen us. Crediflow’s office is located in Helsingborg.

About OptoSweden
OptoSweden delivers advanced interpretation solutions for input management, as both software and cloud services. OptoSwedens solutions help businesses of all sizes and types to streamline document management and eliminate unnecessary and wasteful tasks. Some large customers such ELON, the Transport Agency and CGI. OptoSwedens headquarters is located in Täby. For more information visit:

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Niklas Horn Lundberg, vd OptoSweden
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Thomas Angskog, vd Crediflow
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