Crediflow simplifies the exchange of electronic documents and makes it available to all

We take care of your documents

We are experts at your entire process from order to invoice. Using our smart services you will have time for other things.

For your invoices or other documents you wish to print, we offer an agile and effective solution.


Whoever you want to send to or receive from, we offer an easy and efficient way to manage your invoices.


State-of-the-art invoice interpretation for your needs.


Comprehensive solutions for all your EDI needs, fully integrated into your system.


Electronic document management and financial services
Electronic document management to private and public companies

Our adaptable and scalable solutions include best practices in finance, logistics and IT.

No matter who you want to send to or receive from, we offer an easy and efficient way to manage your documents on all the way from order to payment. Crediflow makes it easy to save time, money and gives you the freedom to focus on your core business.

It is a central part of our company policy to provide the best possible service, the right skills for your needs and to act flexibly and effectively. We also understand that there is an important reason why many customers have chosen us.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We deliver according to our customers requirements and tailor fit solutions that streamlines their business.

  • Reliable delivery

    We ensure that your orders, invoices, payments, etc. reach their destination on time.

  • System compability

    We have integration support for all
    market leading financial systems.

  • Flexibility

    Do not get caught with complex solutions. With us, nothing is too difficult. We solve your problems.

Strong together

Thanks to our merger with our industry partner OptoSweden AB we can together deliver a complete document processing solution.