Crediflow participates in the EU project EURINV19

The aim of the EURINV19 project is to upgrade e-invoicing solutions from 5 EDI providers & amp; 4 end-user organizations (which are certified for Peppol access), to comply with the European standard (EN) for electronic invoicing.

The adoption of Directive 2014/55 / ​​EU is mandatory for public institutions in the EU and has many benefits for private companies as well.

Standardization is a key factor as it contributes to the removal of technical barriers to trade, increased market access and international
trade. It also improves cooperation at international level. The use of a European Standard helps the EU industry gain access to global markets.

e-invoicing has several benefits for all public and private parties, e.g. through reduction of processing costs and time, reduction of storage costs, reduction of printing and postage costs, etc. In addition, e-invoicing in European standard (EN), manufacturers helps to anticipate technical requirements and increase productivity and innovative efficiency.


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